Rotiform 2 Piece Forged - Mono-Look

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Rotiform two-piece mono-look forged product line brings you the look of a monoblock without the limitations of sizing. Using a 6061 billet forged face with a modular barrel allows for a greater range of sizes and ability for concave. Bringing you the option of a true mono-look with hidden hardware, or modular look with exposed hardware. All Rotiform designs can be made in 1,2,3 piece sizes in most bolt patterns. Please see our full list of designs for all available face styles.

Available in limited sizes from 18-22” sizes. Custom cut from 6061 forged aluminum in Compton, Ca. Standard finishes included free. Specialty finishes are +$200 extra per wheel. Rotiform’s upcharge is a flat fee, meaning if you pay for the face in a premium color, you have access to the face and barrel in premium colors, free of charge.

Please specify the size, and desired color to get your final price. Please include your year/make/model information as well as if OEM brake/suspension or aftermarket. If you need help with offsets/sizing and color scheme, please contact us immediately. We would love to help.

Build time is 6-12 weeks, 100% customer order. Ships free in US48 states. Rotiform warranty included. Custom order only.