About Us

Wheel Lab was established by enthusiasts following years of frustration over the misinformation and complications surrounding suspension, wheel, and tire fitment. These enthusiasts were tired of having to scour forums, chase down techs, and double-check every piece of information to make sure that their projects came to fruition correctly.

In an effort to alleviate these stresses and dispel the typical half-truths of the internet, Wheel Lab was born: the go-to for those with a vision of what their vehicle should look like. Our company is constantly working with experts in the field to find the right answers. We package it all together in a way which makes you, the client, feel like you’re talking to your trusted friends.

Our only goal is to simplify the process, dismiss the misinformation, and cure the world of bad stance! Please feel free to contact us for a custom tailored consultation to help reach your car’s best potential.